interested in my mentorship?

As an advisor and mentor, I provide help to students in a range of ways. I provide help on course selection, guidance on choosing an appropriate study away program, I provide information on internships, volunteerism, and experiential learning programs, and offer advice about post-graduation options, including employment, fellowships, and graduate school. 

As my advisee, you can expect to receive help crafting a resumé or curriculum vitae, as well as writing a cover letter and working on additional materials as necessary. We will work together throughout your time as my advisee to keep these materials up-to-date and tailored to your applications. You can also expect to receive mentorship in research with me; there are opportunities to work on my research with me. I am also happy to advise you on your independent research, whether it is for a class project, capstone experience, or an honors thesis. As you can see below, I have advised students in research for their own interests, and well as for honors theses. 

If you are my advisee, you can expect me to write letters of recommendation for you. I have successfully helped undergraduate students apply, and get into graduate programs, fellowships, and medical school, and I will do everything I can to advise you in the right direction, and provide an excellent recommendation. In order for me to write you the best possible letter of recommendation, I ask that you give me six weeks notice, and provide information about the program to which you are applying, the skills you need me to highlight, and provide information about how to submit the letter. I also ask that you remind me a week before the letter is due.

Have questions? Send me an email (meg[.]dubray[@]gmail[.]com), or swing by my office (Olin 315).

current advisees:

  • Christian Elliott (Augustana College, expected 2020), Honors Research Supervisor; Undergraduate Researcher

past advisees:

  • Claudia Maldonado (ISU, expected 2020), Undergraduate Researcher

  • Monet Niesluchowski (ASU, 2018), Undergraduate Researcher

    • Post-graduation: Fulbright Scholar, Mongolia

  • Austin Smith (ASU, 2017), Honors Committee Second Reader

    • Post-graduation: M.A. in Science of Health Care Delivery (ASU, 2018); Medical (M.D.) student at St. George's University School of Medicine

  • Tory Prynn (ASU, 2017), Honors Committee Third Reader

    • Post-graduation: Medical (M.D.) student at University of Arizona

  • Ainsley Pfeiffer (ASU, 2017), Undergraduate Researcher

    • Post-graduation: Fulbright Scholar, India

  • Emma (Dooley) Hawkins (ASU, 2016), Honors Committee Second Reader

    • Post-graduation: Medical Assistant, Barrow Brain & Spine; Physician's Assistant (P.A.) student at Midwestern University

  • Taylor Strei (ASU, 2016), Undergraduate Researcher

    • Post-graduation: Donor Care Associate, Canadian Blood Services