My teaching focuses on giving undergraduate and graduate students the theoretical and methodological skills they need to address a range of tasks and future interests. Focusing on a combination of readings, mixed-media assignments, writing, and experiential learning, my courses give students with a range of learning styles the opportunity to find something interesting in what often feels like the "every day." For example, students will complete a mini-ethnography of the dining hall in Food and Culture; doing participant-observation, they will think about the environmental justice issues surrounding local parks in Global Environmental Justice. These assignments give students the opportunity to learn about methods, and practice them in experiential assignments that ask them to apply these skills in a comfortable setting.

fall 2018 courses

ENVR 100 and 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies (and Lab)

FYI 101: First Year Inquiry: Rhetoric and the Liberal Arts

past courses

SOC 6603: Qualitative Research Methods (Fall 2017, ISU)

ASB 191: Freshman Seminar (Fall 2016, ASU)

ASB 498: Global Mental Health (Fall 2016, ASU); in collaboration with Dr. Amber Wutich and Dr. Ashley Hagaman

ASB 498: Global Mental Health (Fall 2015, ASU); in collaboration with Dr. Amber Wutich

ASB 484: Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (Fall 2015-Spring 2017, ASU)

ASB 300: Food and Culture (Summer 2016, ASU)

ASB 327: Disaster! (Summer 2015, ASU)

ASB 100: Introduction to Global Health (Summer 2014, 2015, 2016, ASU)

guest lectures

SOC 3308: Sociological Methods and Social Work Research: Qualitative Research Methods Workshop (Fall 2017, ISU); in collaboration with Dr. Katrina Running

ASB 375: Humans in the Environment: Climate Change and Disaster Lecture (Fall 2016, ASU); in collaboration with Dr. Shauna BurnSilver

ASB 452: Community Partnerships in Global Health: Qualitative Research Methods Workshop (Fall 2015, ASU); in collaboration with Dr. Monica Gaughan